5 reasons why uPVC is a better fenestration material

You must have heard the buzz on this thing called uPVC and how it is better than other fenestration materials. But what exactly is uPVC? Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, commonly called uPVC, is made by removing plasticizers from PVC. This gives uPVC its characteristic strength. So how does that benefit you?


Well, here are 5 reasons to why UPVC maybe the right choice for your home.


1. Weather Resistance

Being extremely resistant to weather shifts, uPVC can really stand the test of time. Unlike materials like wood that can expand and contract, uPVC maintains its shape and size even in extreme weathers. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a place that has extreme weather shifts. As long as you have proper clothing for yourself you need not worry about your windows and doors.


2. Longevity

If you are looking for long-lasting options for your windows and doors, then uPVC is no doubt the right material for you. The strength of uPVC is unmatched by any other fenestration material in the market. Not only will it last longer, it also provides high security as it is virtually impossible to break through uPVC. When you say yes to uPVC, you say no to burglary.


3. Eco-Frindly

These products are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. And unlike PVC that contain phthalates, uPVC does not contain any harmful elements in them; ideal for the environment conscious individuals.


4. Minimal Maintenance

uPVC windows and doors require minimum maintenance. You do not require tightening bolts, readjusting the frame or changing parts frequently. Once installed, it will sit there unshaken for a lifetime.


5. Cost Effective

Since uPVC is cheap to manufacture, they are also priced in a way which makes them more affordable than materials like wood or aluminum. Provided its minimum maintenance requirement, uPVC products offer great benefits both in short and long run.


Well, you must be thinking that’s the ideal window and door solution! Indeed it is; thanks to science and innovation.


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