5 Reasons Why uPVC should Be Your Only Choice for All Your Fenestration Needs

uPVC (as known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, not to be mistaken for PVC, which is plasticised chloride) is a hard fibre which is most common fenestration material in today’s era. Here, we will examine the benefits of uPVC windows and doors and how they can add value to our homes in light of the climate.
Recently, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC profiles have turned out to be well known and are being utilized generally in homes. uPVC which is a polymer compound is light-weight, solid, strong, cheap, termite-proof and can be hued in the endless shade, it very well may be hued to look like wood as well. Other than all these positive characteristics uPVC doors never decays, rusts, fades, peels or break. Just a light soap wash with cotton cloth is sufficient to keep them going forever.

A Durable Choice
In spite of the adaptability of PVC, uPVC does not have any plastic like property or plasticizers, which makes it a durable and exceptionally tough material; also it is likewise extremely flexible and can be moulded to any shape and size. uPVC profiles are extremely light in weight and are not affected by rain.

Water Resistance
uPVC is most commonly used in window and doors because of their water resistance property and with correct installation it is extremely helpful in preventing the civil structure of the house from water seepage. It doesn’t wear out with usage and is certain to serve numerous great years from the time it is first installed with almost negligible maintenance. It’s a hardened, solid and unbending material that won’t show any weathering impacts and is a great replacement option for your existing wooden or aluminum windows.

Saving Up To 30% with Thermal Insulation

uPVC windows being poor conductor of heat doesn’t absorb heat and cuts down on your electricity bills by making your AC’s work more effectively . Not just that, in winters they don’t allow cold air to enter the house by being perfectly insulated hence you don’t need to use blowers to keep your house warmer. Research demonstrates that as much as 25-30% can be spared by using uPVC Windows with new homes, and it works both ways: warming and cooling alike.

Weathering Resistance
uPVC profiles don’t decay or erode and are dust-proof, this property is a clear benefit in the areas where sand storms are common. In short they are rain and dust proof and are extremely hard to catch fire. This is a great product which has a wide assortment of styles prepared to suit your requirement such as sliding windows, openable windows, French windows etc.

Noise Insulation
These uPVC windows are perfectly sealed with double sealing systems such as EPDM Gasket and Silicon Sealant and when used with correct glasses these can reduce noise up to a very significant level where it will not be a botheration for you.

In short there are no disadvantages of uPVC windows and doors. These windows will easily stand strong for almost 40 to 50 years against any climate without much maintenance. Regardless of whether they face chilled waves, warm waves or general destructive salty air, the uPVC windows and doors can and will deal with everything and almost anything that they are made to face.

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