A click to privacy

Glass is a vital part of windows & doors. By and large, however, its general use has been one-dimensional: to let in light. Although customary tinted glasses can let in light and give privacy at the same time, but glass that turns out to be clear or translucent at the press of a button was not available until now. Today, this kind of glasses do exists and are known as switchable glass, which can change from clear to shady white in a split second and back to normal on another click as per the requirement.

How the Product Works ?

A sheet of switchable glass is made out of five layers. Two sheets of glass sandwiched between two layers of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), between which a layer of Polyvision film that contains Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) beads. At the point when the beads are uncharged, they arbitrarily adjust, making the sheet seem clear. When they get an electric charge, the beads scatter, and make the sheet translucent. This happens because the refractive index of the beads do not match the refractive index of the polymer in the film.

Basic Benefits

Switchable glass contains complex innovation, however nothing can be simpler than operating such glasses.

Enhanced Privacy – Whether it is utilized for windows in an eatery, windows in clinic wings, as the wall(s) for a gathering room, or the fenced in area of a private shower, switchable glass gives an abnormal state of security when it is controlled off.

Enhanced Aesthetics – Switchable glass is awesome alternative for open spaces that need multifunctional partitions. These switchable glasses can be used in place of concrete wall, enabling a space to seem open or separated off, upon the client’s inclination.

Catches Eye – The item catches eye in places like bars, clubs, and eateries. Rather than building up a VIP segment with partitions, you could embody it with these glasses, and make them feel valued.

In case you are looking for a solution for an inside space that is open, yet offers the security, switchable glasses from Cora are the appropriate response. Our Switchable glass gives you a chance to make a space or enclosed space with the flip of a switch. To know more about our items, visit our site www.corawindows.com or call us today on 1800-313-7-313

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