About Us

Cora Performance Windows is a luxurious design product created with consideration on evocativeness and functionality. Cora Performance Windows has installed one of the biggest fully automatic UPVC manufacturing unit in India.

Cora Windows has established an enviable reputation as the premier UPVC doors and windows brand for its precision, innovation and customer service excellence. The company has amassed considerable expertise in designing and manufacturing UPVC windows and doors. Our products are always planned keeping you in mind.

Who we are?

Cora Performance Windows is part of the SCL Group, known for its windows, home fittings & interior solutions managed by young professionals from the fields of Architecture, Construction, IT and Management. Being part of such a prestigious parent group enables Cora to continue its remarkable run of innovation and remain at the forefront of the UPVC windows market. We know that choosing the right company to carry out your home improvements is important to you. That is why we have predominant presence at all major platforms of interaction with you across the country. We are also exploring new avenues to leapfrog growth and make our presence felt across the world.