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Cora Tenter

Cora Tenter

Cora Tenter


Tenter or foldable roof as they are commonly known as is a system designed to use a wider area in winter gardens, restaurants, cafes and pastry shops. Regardless of weather conditions, it does not cause any disruption, rusting or cracking. The enclosure of roof does not damage the architectural layout. .Whether it's open or closed. Comfort is always with you.


These foldable roofs are made up of aluminium profiles. LED lights are embedded in the aluminium outer frame and the whole system is controlled by remote.

The Upper covering is made up of high quality polyester & PVC fabric with stainless steel wires embedded in it.

The system is designed to operate completely smooth by using stainless steel inox connection bolts & fittings.


Foldable roof, that moves up and down through a motor (capacity of 40-50 watt). Vertical steel reinforcement of 4 inches * 4 inches embedded in the fibre roof. It is mounted on an aluminium frame of 2.0-5.0 mm.


  • 5 Years


It is a completely safe, robust & water proof system. The fabric used has a black out feature and do not burn or affected by sun.

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