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Cora Glass Partition

Cora Glass Partition

glass partition


We are pleased to present the new series of partition walls and doors to divide your interiors that offers transparency without affecting your privacy. Glass Partition are an aesthetically superior alternative to solid walls and a premium choice for organizing and dividing internal commercial spaces. This frameless glass wall system is engineered to meet the technical specifications of Architects and Design professionals. Some features include: full height floor to ceiling applications, faceted or curved configuration options, custom graphics and textures, high quality hardware and fittings.


  • 5 Years


Can be used for internal partitioning & for doors in office buildings. It offers superior partitioning without blocking your view

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Cora Performance Windows is a luxurious design product created with utter consideration on functionality & operational ease. Cora is one of the largest company manufacturing and designing of upvc windows.Cora windows are top rated by the best in class architects, builders & interiors for their overall strength, durability, and lasting value. We offer versatility in design and function and can be uniquely configured into large combinations for maximizing views and enhancing lifestyles. Using leading edge technology we take window manufacturing one step further by approaching every window or door as an integral design element and as a result, our customized products... Read More >>

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