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In this new era, it has become quite common to find all the residential and commercial properties fitted with uPVC windows and doors. Studies have demonstrated that uPVC windows are not only durable and maintenance-free but are also environment-friendly as well. With the growing awareness of the ecological disruption that our planet Earth is facing more and more people are looking for alternative solutions for windows and doors. Read this article to know how uPVC can help to maintain the ecological balance.

Using wooden windows and doors causes deforestation and leads to global warming. Cora is among the leading uPVC windows and doors manufacturer and provides with laminated wooden finishes, in case if you would like to choose wooden ones without causing any deforestation.

uPVC is a recyclable product and different items can be made out of the uPVC scraps without leaving any plastic waste in the landfills. On the other hand manufacturing of metallic windows and doors such as aluminum or steel causes water as well as air pollution since they are not recyclable and the scrap cannot be used again.

Since CORA windows don’t need any painting or polishing, there is no stress of harmful paints and stains causing any damage to the environment. Unlike metal windows that use a lot of natural resources and also releases toxic chemicals in the environment manufacturing of our windows uses comparatively lower energy and other natural resources.

By using CORA uPVC windows and doors for your residential or commercial building you can save on your electricity bills as well as they are thermally insulated and keep the room temperature maintained. So in addition to the fact that you are getting a good deal on your electricity bills, you are additionally diminishing your carbon impression in the meantime. This offers the chance to do your bit for the environment. You can even have more ventilated and brighter rooms since our windows and doors can expand from floor to ceiling without compromising on the strength.

Since CORA uses superior quality uPVC materials that do not fade or change shape, there is no requirement for repainting or aligning them. These windows will look forever new just by a simple wash with soapy water and cleaning it with a cotton cloth. uPVC windows, unlike wooden ones, are termite resistant and also do not corrode like metallic windows and doors. Our windows can easily withstand adverse climatic conditions such as heavy rainfall, high intensity of the sun and heavy wind load. CORA windows and doors can even smother fire as they are fire retardant and do not let the fire spread.

Since CORA windows and doors are very steady and solid and can be opted with multi-point locking systems using them for your home ensures the highest level of security for your dream home and your loved ones.

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